Tan Icon Lite System

Product Description

This system includes the following:

  • Complete Spray Tanning Equipment
  • Tan Icon Tanning Solution - 64oz. 
  • Barrier Cream - 8oz.
  • Beauty Caps
  • PRO Spray Tanning Tent


The Tan Icon Lite system essential features include an integrated control, a push-button HVLP turbine with a quick connect hose, and (1) Micro-Bronzer Series Professional spray guns with 2 Solution cups.

Features consist of:

  • Built-in automatic auxiliary heat function for comfortable application and speeds up drying time.
  • Removable washable air filter to provide clean-air intake and assure your system remains clog-free.
  • Rubber feet to secure placement and prevent bumps and scratches.

The Tan Icon Lite, stunning in design exhibits a gorgeous high-tech chrome panel face plate and trim accents against the piano black and carry handle.

Prime Air Flow – This unit has been approved by tanning specialists to properly match the motor with the correct spray gun. An unmatched gun and motor can form an irregular air flow that can impede proper solution spray, ultimately creating a poor tan for your client.

Efficient Power - The system uses a High Efficiency electric motor that puts out the appropriate air flow while using as little energy as possible. Matched gun and motor allows for correct measurement of power. This saves you money on electricity and reduces environmental impact.

Quiet Operation - The system is quiet and good for use in any environment. Contained in a sound-muffling enclosure the high-efficiency motor is lighter and quieter than a conventional motor.

Compact Handling - The system is an ultra-compact, lightweight design with features catered to a technician in any environment. This system is excellent for mobile tanners as well as salon setups with a turbine under 5 pounds, built-in cup holders and quick connect fittings.

Tan Icon Lite System Features:

  • High Efficiency HVLP Motor for less power consumption, lighter weight & quieter.
  • Two built-in recessed cup/gun holders for holding spray guns or extra solution cups
  • Easy to use push button controller for variable speeds with LED light indicator
  • Automatic heat function for faster drying times and comfortable application
  • Compact and lightweight at less than 5 lbs. - perfect for salon or mobile applications
  • Dual Micro-Bronzer Spray Guns with universal quick-connect
  • Flexible hose with quick-connect
  • Extra solution cup with screw lid for storage
  • Re-moveable, cleanable air filter

The Micro-Bronzer Spray Gun features stainless steel needle nozzle (not the brass or plastic of knock-offs), color-coordinated finish, chrome accented adjustable air-cap for easily selected round ergonomically designed for comfortable use, horizontal or vertical fan pattern, quick-connect fitting, fluid control knob for a fine spray release, and a graduated top for easy fluid measurement.

-Design HVLP Spray Gun Features:

  • A fine .5mm needle for perfect atomization and solution conservation
  • Optimal tanning solution application - generally only need 2 oz or less of solution per client, saving you money!
  • Adjustable fluid control knob capable of a wide and a fine spray
  • Adjustable spray pattern control - horizontal or vertical fan patterns for rapid, standard tan application and a round spray pattern for contouring/highlighting
  • Low maintenance stainless steel needle / nozzle with a long service life


Technical Data:

  • Power: 120v
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Wattage: 500w
  • Voltage: 60hz / 120v



1 year / 12 month Manufacturer Warranty

$ 299.00 $ 550.00

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