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Spray Tan Machine Equipment

Episode 5 Building Your Spray Tanning Business During The Holiday Season!

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If you have a pro spray tanning business or are thinking about starting one, you’ll love this episode!


Here we are…. Right at the beginning of the holiday season.  We are dressing up for events and parties… and want to look and feel our best.  And for so many of us… that includes some sort of sunless tan!  Lindsay loves this time of year to grow and build your spray tanning business because so many people love to have a subtle tan for all the things going on!


In this episode, Lindsay talks about how to plan- the logistics of scheduling yourself during these super busy weeks… how you’re going to reach out to your existing customers and how you are going to get new customers… how to create holiday spray tanning packages to increase your sales and more!  


Check out for all things pro spray tanning!


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