Professional Start Up Kit

Product Description
Every tanning accessory you need in one kit!  Includes disposable beauty caps, disposable foot booties, blending brushes, baby wipes and 1- 8oz. bottle of Blend Up Barrier Cream.
Use blending brushes to blend out any drips or beading.  You can fix any mistakes with these magic brushes.  
Barrier cream is perfect for drier areas like feet, hands, elbows and knees.  Apply a light layer on elbows and knees and a heavier layer on feet and hands.  The pH neutralizer only allows half the tanning solution to absorb so these drier areas do not grab more tanning solution and end up darker than the rest of the body.  
Use baby wipes to remove the barrier cream at the end of the tanning session.
You can also use foot booties to cover most of the feet during the tanning session.  When you are done tanning, remove the foot booties and use the brush to blend in the tan line.  Spray a light layer over the feet to even out.  You can also use barrier cream and foot booties together.  This gives you all options so you can use them how you like best!
This kit was designed to allow the technician to do a flawless tan in 10 minutes or less.
$ 40.00