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  • Learn to Spray Tan like a Pro

    Tanning Order

    If you've trained with me, you know I'm a stickler about the order in which you tan. I'm all for people having their own methods and rhythms and I'm always open to see what people like, but I've yet to see a method that works better than the method and order that I have designed.

    There are many reasons why this method works the best. You start with the easiest area and the largest area so you can see how the color is going on and decide how dark you are going to tan the guest. You can also see how their skin absorbs the solution and determine how easy or difficult this tan will be. 

    Also, if you tan the same way every time, you are less likely to miss an area or loose track of what you have tanned. Trust me... with 10 years in the business and thousands of tans under my belt, do it this way for consistently fabulous and efficient tans. 
    • Back and back of legs (neck to ankles) 
    • One side (armpit to ankles) 
    • Arm (top side of arm, under side of arm, then back of arm) 
    • Other side (armpit to ankles) 
    • Other arm (top side of arm, under side of arm, then back of arm) 
    • (have guest turn facing you) 
    • Front of 1 leg 
    • Front of other leg 
    • Inside of 1 leg 
    • Inside of other leg 
    • Tummy 
    • Face 
    • Chest 

    (If you do chest before face, you may have too much overspray fall onto the chest and end up with too much solution on the chest. Everything is fixable but why not avoid the problem?!)

    For a more detailed view of this... order our DVD, it will really help you if you are struggling or just trying to do a perfect 10 minute tan! Click here for training video!


    Setting Up Your Room

    Click to buy products mentioned:


  • Air Purifier
  • My favorite tent. It's easy to pop up and is nice and roomy. Perfect for the guest and technician to be inside for the session. This tent is better for mobile tanning, but doesn't handle overspray as well 
  • Million Dollar Tan Systems
  • Setting Up Your Room- Essential Items 
    Professional System and Products 
    Black Towels

    Fan and/or heater (for drying) 
    Black Pop-Up Tent (mostly for mobile) 
    Black backdrop (to catch overspray) 
    Air purifier (to keep air circulating in room)


    Join the MDT Pro Network

    Please fill out the form below to be included in the Million Dollar Tan Pro Spray Tan Network.

    We receive a few hundred calls a week asking us where the closest Million Dollar Tan location or mobile tanner is, and we want to refer these guests to you! 

    So if you are currently offering the Million Dollar Tan spray tanning service, or if you are selling Million Dollar Tan retail products (or both!) please fill out the form below. 


    Selling the Tan

    Here are a few of the best sales points: 
    • Gorgeous natural looking color, that’s instant! 
    • It’s quick and easy. Session takes just 20 minutes! 
    • Lasts 5-12 days, as long as your skin takes to naturally exfoliate. 
    • You can see the color going on and tell your technician exactly how tan you would like to be. 
    • Completely custom and exactly how you like it. We can even out tan lines and do body contouring.

    What to tell your clients prior to their spray tanning session:

    You will need to leave the tanning solution on your body for at least 6 hours after your tanning session. You can shower after 6 hours but 8-10 hours is ideal.

    It is best to wear dark, loose clothing after your tanning session. You can wear whatever you want during your tanning session. (Depending on your preferences, some tanners allow guests to go topless or completely nude--it’s up to you. I recommend allowing them to at least go topless, as most women do not want top tan lines.) It is best to wear dark underwear or a black bikini during a tanning session. 

    While the tanning solution washes out of clothing, unique fabrics could possibly be stained. To be on the safe side, dark clothing is best during and after the tanning session.

    It is best to come freshly showered, shaved and exfoliated, though not essential.

    In the hours immediately after your tanning session, it is best not to sweat or do dishes. Avoid anything that can cause your tan to streak.


    Mobile Tanning

    The business of mobile tanning can be an incredibly profitable one. When setting up your business, it's best to make it as efficient as possible. Spray tanning, by nature, can be a bit messy. If you can design a set-up to where you aren't doing a thorough shower cleaning every time you do a tan, you'll eliminate the headache. 

    Some mobile tanners simply toss a few black towels down in each clients shower and tan them right there. Others use a tanning tent and tan in a shower or even in a backyard or patio. If an outside option is available (weather and privacy permitting), this often works best. The guest dries quickly, you don't have to worry about overspray and clean-up is easy breezy! 


    Why Tan Icon?

    Because Tan Icon is the best solution on the market. 
    Smells great. Light coconut scent, no chemical-ly odors. 
    Instant color. You can see the color as it is applied and the color is even better after you shower. 
    Long lasting. Lasts 6-12 days. MDT lasts longer than any other sunless tanner because of the high-end ingredients. It attaches to your outer layer of skin and only comes off when your outer layer of skin exfoliates. 
    Great natural color. The perfect combination of browns and reds make this sunless tanning solution very natural looking. We use the highest % of DHA possible to look natural and have a strong tan that lasts. 
    Dries Quickly. Within 5 minutes, you are completely dry and able to put clothes on. 
    Isn’t sticky. You won’t feel sticky the day of your spray tan, or anytime. Our solution is a water base so once it dries, you can go about your day like usual. 
    Doesn’t rub off. Tan Icon is a concentrated product and not watered down with unnecessary additives. The day of your spray tanning session, the tanning solution may rub off on your clothes or sheets but will wash out completely. After your first shower, your spray tan is in tact! It will last as long as it takes for your skin to naturally exfoliate. Many low quality sunless tanning products will rub off throughout your tan, not MDT, no way! 
    Totally safe! You probably know this but MDT is totally safe. No harmful UV rays, no bulbs, no burns. Tan Icon is totally safe to use on everyone!


    Shop Professional Systems



    Shop Professional Solutions



    Which Professional Pro Package is right for me?

    Whether you plan to spray tan in a spa, mobile, at a gym or anywhere else... there is a package that is perfect for you. These packages include everything you need to start offering Million Dollar Tan Professional Spray Tanning, at a discounted price. They include only essentials, no fluff. 

    Package 1- $772 
    This package includes the following: 
    Equipment: Compressor, Hose, Spray Gun. 
    Professional Products: 1 gallon Tan Icon, Start-Up Kit, Training DVD, 1 Black Towel. 
    Retail Products: 1-4oz. Tan Icon, 1-4oz. Cabana Tan, 1-4oz Body Buffer. 

    Perfect for an account that is ready to get started and wants the basics but with just 3 retail products to try out. This is the best package for someone who is looking to get everything they need but kept their initial investment low. 
    Tan Profit- $960-$1920 
    (based on 4oz./tan and tan charge of $30-60) 
    Retail Profit- $26

    Package 2- $1057 
    This package includes the following: 
    Equipment: Compressor, Hose, Spray Gun. 
    Professional Products: 2 gallons Tan Icon, Start-Up Kit, Training DVD, 2 Black Towels. Retail Products: 3 of each of the following: 4oz. Tan Icon, 8oz. Tan Icon, 4oz. Cabana Tan, 8oz. Cabana Tan, 4oz Body Buffer, 8oz Body Buffer. 

    Package 2 is our most popular. It was designed for an account that wants to start with a good amount of retail in addition to all the system basics. These retail products are discounted so it's a better deal than buying them individually later.  
    Tan Profit- $1,920-$3,840 
    (based on 4oz./tan and tan charge of $30-60) 
    Retail Profit- $204

    Package 3- $1587 
    This package includes the following: 
    Equipment: Compressor, Hose, Spray Gun. 
    Professional Products: 5 gallons Tan Icon, 2 Start-Up Kits, Training DVD, 5 black towels. Retail Products: 6 of each of the following: 4oz. Tan Icon, 8oz. Tan Icon, 4oz. Cabana Tan, 8oz. Cabana Tan, 4oz Body Buffer, 8oz Body Buffer.

    This package is the best value and perfect for accounts that want to jump in and maximize profits with great retail sales. A few weeks after purchasing package #2, many accounts tell us they wish that they started with package #3. The retail products sell so well that this package has the best retail profit. 
    Tan Profit- $4,800-$9,600 
    (based on 4oz./tan and tan charge of $30-60) 
    Retail Profit- $408


    Wholesale Vs. Retail Pricing



    How Much Should I Charge?

    There are lots of factors to consider when setting up your pricing menu. 

    Rule of Thumb: Keep your prices reasonable enough that guests can afford to tan once per week and make spray tanning part of their normal maintenance. 

    We recommend making your single tan price reasonable but not super cheap. This will allow you to create discounted packages, saving your customer money and building your base of clients quickly.

    Here is our favorite sample pricing menu: 
    1 tan- $40 
    3 tans- $108 ($36/tan) save $12 
    6 tans- $192 ($32/tan) save $48 
    12 tans- $336 ($28/tan) save $144

    For a mobile tanner or high end spa, your single tan price could be anywhere from $40-80. We have clients that charge up to $110 for the same service. This really only works in high end resorts or spas. At this price, most people won't do the service often. But for tourists or special events, this works great.



    At Million Dollar Tan, we are all about education.  And even though we’ve become a really big business, we still work one-on-one with our accounts to assist them in building their spray tanning businesses.  With over 14 years in the industry and 4,000 professional accounts, we know this business!  We are passionate about helping our accounts exceed their goals.  For questions or advice on anything related to pro spray tanning- call email or text us!  

    MDT Brochure

    Click Here to See the MDT Brochue