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Million Dollar Tan

Shade Upgrade Extreme 1.7OZ. - Dark Foundation Booster - Wholesale

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Shade Upgrade Extreme


The perfect Million Dollar Tan needs the perfect finishing touch—and makeup that matches your new gorgeous glow is definitely a must! Shade Upgrade Extreme is a revolutionary product designed to make your makeup match flawlessly with your tan.  Simply mix a few drops with a small amount of liquid foundation and your makeup will get a boost of intense color to match your tan. It’s easy to achieve the perfect tone even if your color changes daily! This lightweight formula mixes effortlessly with any foundation, and also gives skin a subtle, glamorous sheen. While our regular strength Shade Upgrade is designed for any tanner needing an extra hint of color, Shade Upgrade Extreme is perfect for the ultra-bronzed who need a deeper, richer color to match their tan.  The search for the perfect makeup shade is over!


To Use: Mix a few drops of Shade Upgrade Extreme with a small amount of liquid foundation until you reach the shade that matches your skin. Apply the foundation as you usually would and enjoy the amazing feeling of having perfectly-toned, radiant foundation to match your gorgeous tan!  


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