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Spray Tan Machine Equipment

Episode 7 Spray Tan Your Way To A New Adventure In The New Year!

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Spray tan your way to a new adventure in the New Year! 

Have you thought about starting your own business in the New Year?  In this episode, Lindsay talks about starting your own spray tanning business (or any side hustle really) and how to remove the barriers in our mind and actually pull the trigger and take the first step!   

Lindsay speaks open and honestly about the hard work required to start your side hustle… and why its all worth it!  How to learn what you don’t know, how to market your business, how to plug your ears and not listen to anyone else’s opinions or judgment and just do it! 

Starting your own business can be scary… so Lindsay is pushing you to consider it.  Plus, the best part… if you want to start your own spray tanning business… you’re not alone… you have us at Million Dollar Tan!  We’ll help answer any questions you have an guide you along the way.  A little hand holding is sometimes all we need to push ourselves to the next level… in business and in life. Happy Holidays friends… and cheers to new adventures in the new year!


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