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Million Dollar Tan

Tan Icon Extreme Half Gallon (64oz) Professional Spray Tanning Solution - Dark

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Use Tan Icon Extreme for your darker skin guests or those that wish to be ultra tan and aren't as concerned about their tan looking very natural.  With a higher percentage of DHA and an equal amount of extra bronzer added, this solution will help you accommodate guests with all skin tones and all tanning preferences.  

We recommend using our regular Tan Icon solution on most guests for their first session, then moving to Tan Icon Extreme if they want more color for their next session.  Since this color is darker, it is even more important to keep the skin well moisturized for a long-lasting and even fading tan.  

Use the instant bronzing color as an accurate color guide so that you can give your guests the exact color that they are looking for.  If you have guests that are always asking to be "darker, darker... please!" then this is the answer!  They'll love Tan Icon Extreme!

64oz Bottle 


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