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Million Dollar Tan Pro

Essentials Tanning System

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Introducing our NEW Essentials Tanning System! Our Essentials Tanning System has everything you need to get started on your new spray tanning business.

It includes: 

1 Lite Sprayer ($300+ retail value)

1 Tanning Tent ($80 retail value)

1 64oz Tan Icon Solution ($80 retail value)

1 Blending Mitt Set ($15 retail value)


Not only that, but we'll even toss in all these convenient goodies & accessories to make your life easier too!

1 Applicator Brush

24 Beauty Caps

24 Pairs of Feet Stickers

24 Bikini Bottoms


The Essentials Tanning System comes ready to go with enough solution for 25+ tans, so don't wait! Grab yours today.


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